Kanecaron Modacrylic Fibres

Modacrylic fibres are known under the trade names of Dynel Floc, Kanekaron. Durafloc and others. This is the strongest and most stable fibre flock, and also the most expensive. Modacrylic Flock Meets the standard of most major battery makers and most all OE car maker specifications. Additions to positive and negative paste mixes is typically at 0.5% by weight, added in slurry from prior to oxide addition.


Breaking Tenacity Std.3.2-3.6g/den
Wet. 28-3.2g/den
Tensile Strength (psi) 57,000
Breaking Elongation (%) Std.30-40%
Elastic Recover (%) 100@2%
Average Stiffness (gpd) 17
Average Toughness 0.60
Specific Gravity 1.4
Water Absorbance (%) 70-65% R.H. 1%